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Aluminium Telescopic Mast 18m (60ft)
Aluminium Telescopic Mast 18m (60ft)

18m high aluminium telescopic push-up mast

fully extracted length (height)

18m (60ft)

transportation length
2m (6ft 7")


18kg (40lbs)
bottom diameter
80mm (3 1/8")
top diameter
30mm (1 1/6")
wall thickness
2mm (1/12")
number of segments
pole material
high quality anodized aluminium
strong interlock clamps made from stainless steel

maximum useable heights

portable Spiderbeam

extend mast to full height of 18m (60ft)

Heavy Duty Spiderbeam

extend mast to maximum height of 14m (46ft)

Extended 18m high mast for Fieldday and DXpeditions!

This mast fits together nicely with all our portable Spiderbeam yagis.
(For a picture with 2 Spiderbeams installed on such masts see the Installation hints).
It will also carry a Heavy Duty Spiderbeam at a reduced height of 14m (46ft).

The individual sections are interlocked with strong high quality stainless steel clamps with allen screws. An allen wrench is supplied with the mast and no further tools are necessary. The mast should be guyed at three levels.

This mast was developed for serious portable operations & DXpeditions. It is still easy to transport by car and can be taken aboard normal sized airplanes. It will also serve well for building permanent 80m vertical antennas etc.

Spare segments and clamps are available for all Spiderbeam aluminum masts but are not a stock item. Please contact Spiderbean-US at info@spiderbeam.us for a quotation.

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